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Personal numbers can give us additional insights into our energetic make-up and also enable us to use the information in our environment to improve our well-being and quality of life.  Here’s a formula to compute your personal number: Consider all years as beginning on February 4th and ending on February 3rd.  This means if you […]

  If you want to experience greater prosperity, try some of these tips from 10-Minute Feng Shui by Skye Alexander. Place a bowl or jar near your front door and drop a penny in it each time you go in or out to reaffirm your intention to become more prosperous. Replace a washer in a […]

Accessories can help to balance our energy and restore our chi.  Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider: Feng Shui Do’s: Flowered scarves provide balanced energy, whistles and bells help scare off the bad guys and add merriment to your life, gold-toned belts, brooches (any accessory) will bring the warm, healing rays of the […]

Fans were used in China as long ago as 1000 BC.  Some deities are depicted with a fan intended to drive out evil spirits.  In feng shui, fans are primarily used for guiding energy in a desired direction.  Even if hung on a wall, the fan’s symbolic meaning will still serve its purpose. The symbolic […]

A person’s face can be a helpful indicator basic characteristics about the person.  Here are some common face types: The mental type of face is thin, with a large forehead and small jaw/chin area.  This person has a focus that is internal and intellectual. The physical type of face is a large square face with big jaws […]

Eyebrows can be an indicator of a person’s style of thinking.  Here are some tips that might help your ability to communicate with various types of thinkers. Straight eyebrows are for idea people.  In your conversation with them, use an approach that is based on ideas and facts. Continuous eyebrows are on powerful thinkers whose […]

While it is considered normal for teenagers to write in a round style, adults who do so can tend to exhibit traits of immaturity, naivety and dependency in their personalities. Round style writers are flexible and yielding.  They tend to prefer compromise to argument.  When issues concern their home and family, they are possessive and […]