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A personal energy technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) promoted by Gary Craig and others on the web consists of tapping on specific parts of the body while focusing on an issue that has a strong emotional charge to it. It seems a somewhat strange concept but when you tap on these specific spots, the emotional charge […]

If you hesitate to use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping in public, here’s a way to subtly tap away. Put your hands in your lap or under the table if that situation presents itself. Use the index and middle finger of one hand to tap on the karate chop point of the other hand while […]

If you find the old bones just aren’t what they used to be, try this pleasant blend of essential oils to massage onto those aching bones. 30 ml (1 ounce) sesame oil 30 ml (1 ounce) evening primrose or borage oil 3 drops clove essential oil 6 drops orange essential oil 6 drops lavender essential […]

If you are wishing for a new love to come into your life, you might try dreaming of your future love.  But you can also use essential oils to help move the process along.  A few drops of either neroli and sandalwood or mimosa rubbed into your forehead before going to sleep can stimulate prophetic […]

Some people call it dowsing, others call it divining, but when you use the movement of a pendulum in response to a question, you are balancing the intuitive with the rational part of you.  When I was a child living in the country, dowsing was done with a stick or tree branch held in front […]

You can use a crystal pendant on a metal chain as a pendulum – any member of the quartz family is suitable for dowsing.  It is important to dedicate your crystal pendulum for dowsing and to keep it protected when not in use.  When using the pendulum, it can move back and forward, side to side, […]

Natural quartz and amethyst are both piezoelectric, meaning they have a positive and negative polarity and can emit electromagnetic energy.  These highly sensitive stones can be used in dowsing to identify and neutralize negative earth energies or geopathic stress, which can cause lethargy and general tiredness.  The human body adapts to normal earth energies (or […]