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Some people call it dowsing, others call it divining, but when you use the movement of a pendulum in response to a question, you are balancing the intuitive with the rational part of you.  When I was a child living in the country, dowsing was done with a stick or tree branch held in front […]

You can use a crystal pendant on a metal chain as a pendulum – any member of the quartz family is suitable for dowsing.  It is important to dedicate your crystal pendulum for dowsing and to keep it protected when not in use.  When using the pendulum, it can move back and forward, side to side, […]

Natural quartz and amethyst are both piezoelectric, meaning they have a positive and negative polarity and can emit electromagnetic energy.  These highly sensitive stones can be used in dowsing to identify and neutralize negative earth energies or geopathic stress, which can cause lethargy and general tiredness.  The human body adapts to normal earth energies (or […]

This is a nice exercise to use when you would like to get in touch with your psychic doorkeeper. Relax and focus your mind on the highest mental level possible. Ask your doorkeeper to make himself known to you. Agree on the ground rules of protecting your psychic gateway. Ask the doorkeeper to show you […]

Negative energy makes you, your physical body, or your surroundings feel heavy.  Cleansing these energies with crystals helps to bring instant lightness.  Black stones absorb negative energy while other colors stimulate positive energy.  Here are some examples: Smoky quartz varies in color from light brown to almost black.  It makes a perfect grounding stone because […]

A dishonest person has a disposition to defraud, deceive, betray, forge, lie, embezzle, steal or be faithless.  If you notice several of the following traits in a person’s handwriting, you might want to use caution in any joint efforts with this individual. A dishonest person tends to have handwriting that has erratic changes or rigidity […]

Disappointment comes from failed expectations.  A failed expectation, if you cling to it unreasonably; is dark and dreary and feels like running in quicksand.  If you set unreasonable, illogical goals or believe in illogical, unreasonable expectations, you can tend to repeat the disappointment spiral. Break a less than positive mind-set by chipping away at it […]