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The most well-known strategy of psychic protection is that of creating a protective bubble or egg around yourself.  For a bubble to work properly it needs some practice and repetition.  A few minutes of practice every day for a couple of weeks should get you fully into the feel of creating and maintaining your bubble.  […]

This is a pleasant way to clear your chakras using your breath and visualizing colors. As you take a very deep breath, visualize yourself breathing in green. As you exhale completely, see yourself breathing out yellow. Next, breathe in blue as deeply as you can and breathe out orange. Then, draw in purple with your […]

The body secret (secret in this instance means powerful inner method) hand gesture is a Feng Shui cure for aligning your body’s energy.  You perform this gesture by flicking the middle and ring fingers out from the palm.  The flicking motion is done nine times in a row. (Nine symbolizes completion and achievement.)  Men should flick their […]

If you’ve had a quarrel with an associate at work, a run-in with a relative who has a bad temper, or just can’t seem to close your eyes even when you are exhausted, try some of these simple treatments to cleanse the energies in your bedroom. Water:  before you retire for the night, fill a […]

This bath will fortify you against hostility from others for 24 hours.  Ingredients: 1 pinch of dried sage 1 pinch of dried thyme 1/2 teaspoon of dried basil 2 bay leaves small square of cheesecloth or other material (white or blue would be good color choices) small piece of string Place the ingredients on the cloth and […]

Doors located diagonally to each other are a no-no in feng shui because this causes loss of energy which can disturb the harmony and balance in a home.  Two small mirrors can remedy the situation.  Place a mirror next to each door (opposite the other door’s opening.)  This balances the tension and guides the flow of […]

If you would like to use your crystal to focus on a specific task or type of healing, it is helpful to attune it precisely for that purpose.  It is important to choose your words carefully and precisely or you may confuse the crystal’s energies.  Use these steps to attune your crystal. Pick up your crystal. […]