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According to Cynthia C. Whitehouse in her book The Rainbow Guide to Color Energy, colors are essentially light energy or fluctuating vibrations of light.  I have always been fascinated with color and the impact color has in my world.  There are days I instinctively gravitate to light, bright colors, and others when I find dark, muted colors […]

Metal coins have been used in China since the 7th century BC and are thought to bring good luck.  The round shape corresponds to the energy of the heavens (yang) while the square hole in the center allows earth energy (yin) to enter. Frequently, nine coins on a string signify uninterrupted good luck.  Good luck […]

To protect the subconscious part of you, the aura has built into it a subconscious filtration system.  Its purpose is to shut out destructive energy, allowing only positive energy to enter.  However, this door can swing open through emotional outbursts, if you’ve had too much to drink, or are thinking unkindly of someone.  Then you’re […]

This comes from Practical Psychic Self-Defense for Home and Office by Master Choa Kok Sui.  When you cross your arms, the upper aura is being “closed.”  When you cross your legs, the lower aura is “closed.”  This makes the aura compact and smaller or a lot denser.  You do not need to imagine anything or will […]

In this exercise you will step back a bit from your life to get perspective on your life and the main people affecting your energy. Start by clearing your mind, chakras and body of all pain and discomfort.   Feel as loving and loved as possible. Consider one of the most important people in your life.  […]

When practicing awareness, you lightly place your attention on the feelings in your body generated by a specific emotion, belief, thought, or trauma. Awareness is the opposite of resistance.  When in a state of awareness, you don’t fight the emotion or try to convince yourself it’s not there.  You acknowledge and feel it in an […]

If clutter seems to take on a life of its own, try these Feng Shui cures. Cure the clutter with a roving wind chime.  Hang a nice-sounding metal wind chime with a red ribbon over the pile of greatest distress.  Visualize that the sound from the chime creates a positive whirlwind blowing through your clutter […]