The five elements of feng shui are translated as “the phases of transformation” and incorporate everything that exists in nature: shapes, colors, matter, seasons of the year, times of the day, direction of the compass, and all-natural events, and structures created by man.  Together, the five elements represent a unit – the tai chi. Each element has its own […]

Your wealth and prosperity area is located at the rear left section of the structure you are working with (for instance, your home or office.)  When we take our time shaping our wealth through a slow and steady process, we build a solid financial foundation based on patience, trust and self-control.  Enhance your wealth area when […]

Try these fun, quick feng shui treatments to add prosperity to your life: Place four objects that symbolize wealth in a pottery bowl and set them on your kitchen counter.  Use this cure if money tends to burn a hole in your pocket.  Four is the number of stability so arrange the objects in a […]

To visually open your door of opportunity, try this exercise. Sit on the floor in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and visualize the color yellow. Feel the warmth of yellow beginning at your navel and traveling throughout your body toward your head. Feel the color orange and accept it in all parts of your […]

The color black can drain you of your energy, cause self-pity and create emotional havoc.  If you frequently wear black you can balance it with the following energizing shades: Color                                   Association Red/Purple                        love, happiness, fame, power, wealth Orange/Brick           […]

When working with the controlling element cycle in feng shui, here are some points to remember: If the dominating element is Wood, introduce the controlling element of Metal and highlight with Earth and Fire.  Do not use much Water. If the dominating element is Fire, introduce the controlling element of Water, and highlight with Metal […]

The Feng Shui Bagua is a grid representing how different areas of a building are connected to specific aspects of your life.  The Bagua has nine sections.  The following are some common descriptions for each section. Prosperity, Wealth, Abundance, Fortunate Blessings.  Clutter in this area will impact your cash flow and abundance in life. Fame, […]