It is easy to let the fear of poverty paralyze our decisions.  The symbolism behind this meditation will help you to relax and have faith in life’s bounty. Find a quiet place where you can unwind and won’t be disturbed.  Doing this meditation in sunshine would be beneficial and you can also have music in […]

All gemstones have one thing in common: they originate from hot magma inside the earth.  After thousands of years of cooling, the earth’s gradual movement and displacement; stones, rocks and even high mountains are formed. Rocks and minerals are formed from dust, sand, chemical substances and acids that have dissolved in water.  Gemstones are believed to have […]

Following is a chart with suggested colors to incorporate into your life as an offset for the influence of negative feelings. Source: The Complete Book of Color Healing by Lilian Verner-Bonds Emotion                    Color                Situation                           Healing Color Grief/Sorrow      Brown         […]

The head shape can be determined at a distance and may give you an indication of the person’s personality.  Here are some examples: A high crown (highest point of the head is at the crown) with a low forehead  person has a tendency to be dominating, skeptical and persistent.  They have a quick, skeptical mind and insist […]

A person can tell minor lies out of politeness, but it can be difficult to have a meaningful exchange with someone who lies all the time.  The handwriting of a person who is less than honest most of the time will often exhibit a number of traits.  It is important to note that any one trait […]

Here’s an interesting exercise to better understand a range of personalities.  You’ll need a simple protractor found at school or office supply stores.  You will be measuring the angle of slant that letters have from the base line of writing.  For instance, you will measure the top part of an “h,”  “k” or “f” to determine the […]

Palmistry is an interpretative art that attempts to infer character, define capability and talent, judge health, verify disposition and estimate one’s personal potential.  Palmistry is divided into three major areas: Chirognomy is the study of the shape of the hand, chiromancy is the study of the lines and other features of the palm, and dermatoglyphics […]