Writing in a journal is an excellent way to develop intimacy with your feelings, to expose the voice of your soul.  Without this type of dialog, we never fully understand who we are. The purpose of journal writing is to lose control, to dig into yourself and let your innermost secrets be revealed.  Journal writing […]

In Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s book titled Getting in the Gap, he offers a useful meditation called Japa.  Japa meditation is a pleasant way to suspend your thoughts and make closer contact with God. For those of you with a CD Player, listening to the enclosed CD with headphones is an enjoyable experience.  For example, […]

We were taught to keep our writing between guidelines, upper and lower and to keep to this discipline, particularly in the middle zone.  As we grew to adulthood, regularity in our writing depended more on our control over emotional feelings. The height of the middle zone letters (same size or do they fluctuate) is representative of […]

Hang a wind chime in a window directly across from your front door to circulate ch’i through your home rather than having it rush out immediately, taking your money with it. Set a large stone just inside your back door if you have trouble holding onto money.  Heavy objects help hold down ch’i so it […]

People have burned incense for cleansing purposes and ritual ceremonies for a long time.  In addition to incense, bark, resins, roots, leaves and flowers have been burned.  Fragrant smoke has always been a fascinating symbol of life, death, and transcendence. In China incense is burned to provide pleasant fragrances for rooms and clothing, to communicate […]

In handwriting, dotting the “i” is an interruption to the forward movement of writing, and only the slow, careful hand makes it precisely round and places it exactly over the “i.”   More often, i-dots wander forward or backward, up or down, or turn into hasty dashes. The location of the i-dot in the upper zone […]

I Ching (pronounced yee jing) is translated as The Book of Change.  I Ching has a long history, dating back to 3,000 BC when writing began in China according to Wu Wei in the book titled The I Ching The Book of Changes and How To Use It. The I Ching system consists of sixty-four hexagrams.  Each […]