The I-Dot

In handwriting, dotting the “i” is an interruption to the forward movement of writing, and only the slow, careful hand makes it precisely round and places it exactly over the “i.”   More often, i-dots wander forward or backward, up or down, or turn into hasty dashes.

The location of the i-dot in the upper zone of the writing relates to the intellect and the aspirations of the writer.  High or low, it tells of the writer’s enthusiasm or practicality.

The more strangely the i-dot is made, the farther the person will be removed from the commonplace.

When the “i” is not dotted, the writer tends to be careless, have poor memory or on a deeper level, blind spots in the thinking process or depression.

Other indicators of traits shown by the i-dot” include:

  • Round and placed over the stem – order, precision, conscientiousness.
  • Round and placed high above the stem – great imagination and enthusiasm, if very light, spirituality.
  • Very low placement – constraint, caution, fear.
  • Blotched – materialism, sensuous appreciation of sounds and colors.
  • Very light – sensitive, frail, unassertive.
  • Very dark – emphatic, assertive, overbearing.
  • Placed after the stem – impatience, impulsiveness, in good scripts, a quick mind.
  • Placed before the stem – procrastination, timidity, fear of new ideas.
  • A sharp accent  – lively wit, if high and dashed, vivacity and imagination.
  • A sharp accent reversed and/or the tent shape – good critical sense and intellectual abilities.
  • Arrow shape – cruelty and sarcasm.
  • Club shape – cruelty and irritability – domineering.
  • Curved or crescent shaped or wavy – sense of humor, vivacity.
  • Dot joined to the following letter – activity, a mind that works much faster than the hand and does not want to lose its train of thought.
  • Circle i-dot – interest in arts and crafts, manually dexterous.

Source: Hand Writing Analysis by Karen Amend and Mary S. Ruiz.

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