Help Your Sociability Using Five-Element Crystals

In feng shui (the art of furniture placement and good energy flow) the five Chinese elements of water, earth, fire, wood and metal work together to produce harmony in a space.  By choosing crystals from each of the element groups and displaying them together, you create a symbol of perfect balance and happiness.

Place a bowl of appropriate crystals in the East side of the living room while having a strong intention of activating harmonious relationships with family and friends.

You can use both natural clusters and polished crystals.  Crystals are especially attractive in a clear glass bowl so you can see them from any angle.  Place the bowl on a shelf, coffee table, or side table but do not place the bowl on a window sill as the sunlight could fade some of the more fragile crystals or over stimulate others.

Cleanse the stones every few weeks to keep their energies vibrant.  Choose at least one crystal from each of the following groups:

Water (blue, purple, black): amethyst, aquamarine, jet

Earth (yellow and brown): citrine, tiger’s eye

Metal (white): opal, selenite, snow quartz

Wood (green): jade, moss agate

Fire (red, pink): red calcite, red jasper, rose quartz.

Source:  Crystal Energy by Mary Lambert.

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