Handwriting Traits

A person can tell minor lies out of politeness, but it can be difficult to have a meaningful exchange with someone who lies all the time.  The handwriting of a person who is less than honest most of the time will often exhibit a number of traits.  It is important to note that any one trait in the handwriting is not necessarily an indicator that the person is a liar.  Rather, if you see four or five of the traits, it’s a pretty good indicator that you might want to check the truth behind what the person is telling you.

Here are the 26 traits:

  1. jumbled and impossible to read script
  2. meandering baseline with light pressure
  3. coiled letters
  4. changing slant
  5. reversed slant or strokes
  6. slow, contrived script
  7. altered letters
  8. jumbled (but legible) lines
  9. unfinished strokes or letters
  10. thread-like script
  11. arcades in letters or connecting strokes
  12. covered strokes
  13. flourished letters
  14. tapered strokes or words
  15. varying sizes of letters
  16. improved or corrected strokes in already written words
  17. hooks
  18. several very different handwritings by the same person
  19. capital letters reaching below the baseline
  20. end-strokes of “n” or “m” plunging into the lower zone
  21. superfluous or heavy dots in the script or at the end of the envelope address
  22. very different handwriting in signature and envelope address
  23. odd, irregular spacing and pressure
  24. irregular speed of writing
  25. “a” and ‘o” open at the bottom or written with clockwise strokes
  26. over-sized letter “I”

Source: The ABC’s of Handwriting Analysis by Claude Santoy.

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