Hand Shapes

Palmistry is an interpretative art that attempts to infer character, define capability and talent, judge health, verify disposition and estimate one’s personal potential.  Palmistry is divided into three major areas: Chirognomy is the study of the shape of the hand, chiromancy is the study of the lines and other features of the palm, and dermatoglyphics is the study of the skin patterns of the palms and fingers.

No single feature should be interpreted in isolation, always check elsewhere in the hands before you reach any conclusion.  Both hands should be examined.  The left hand usually indicates hereditary gifts, traits, leanings and implications.  The right hand will show how far the aptitudes have been developed.

Hands should be viewed on the palm surface from the wrist to the base of the fingers noting the outer edge for a bulge or for straightness.  If it looks square, it can be considered a square hand.  If the palm looks slightly rounded with the base of the palm (at the wrist area) appearing a bit wider than the palm at the base of the fingers, it would be considered a conic hand.

Next, note the length of the fingers in relation to the palm.  Often the palm will be longer than the fingers.  Also note whether the thumb looks as if it belongs to the hand rather than being too heavy or too weak for the hand.

A square hand tends to denote convention, self-reliance and practicality.  Its owner has a strong respect for law and order, a love of discipline and innate sense of responsibility.  This is the hand of the doer.

Conic hand people quickly catch the mood of the moment.  They have a ready wit and are inclined to be the life of the party.  They can be instrumental in getting others to do things.  Conic hand people tend to have a strong sense of luxury but may be reluctant to work hard to achieve anything of consequence.  Often, there is a lack of staying power.  They tend to be easily distracted and can be inconsistent.

Square-handed people tend to achieve success in practical matters of their choice while conic hand people tend to achieve success in artistic and creative fields.

When the fingers and palm are of equal length and feel fairly firm to the touch, the person is likely to enjoy greater success in life. When fingers are longer than the palm, attention to detail is increased.  Such a person tends to be able to influence others in a practical manner.  When the palm is longer than the fingers, impulsive behavior can be more apparent.  Hands that are soft to the touch tend to represent inconsistency and a tendency toward self indulgence.  A firm hand is usually indicative of attention to detail.

Source: Predicting Your Future by Crescent Books.

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