Hand-Held Crystal Healing

(To determine the appropriate hand to use, try this exercise using the hand opposite to the one you normally use.  Often, with right-handed people the left hand is more absorbing or “receiving” and the right hand directs the outward flow of energy.  If you are left-handed you may find the opposite to be the case.)

Whenever we wish someone well there is a natural flow of healing energy.  This can be concentrated and enhanced by the use of a quartz crystal in combination with directed thought.

Try these exercises to help develop your ability to visualize and direct healing energy where it is needed.

A quartz crystal with a point at one end will direct the flow of energy either towards or away from the body, depending on where the point is facing.

An additional stone of your choice can be held in the “receiving or absorbing” hand.  For instance, a rutilated quartz will help focus energies to healing tissues and nerves, while a rose quartz will release emotional stress.

A small crystal sphere is a useful shape for receiving energies because it stores and passes energy in a smooth, even way.

If you have an area of excess energy, it can often be identified by a feeling of congestion, heat, pain, tension, irritation, frustration or anger.  Place the palm of your receiving hand over that area.  Hold the quartz crystal in your directing hand with its point away from you – directed towards the ground.  As you breathe deeply and evenly, begin to relax and imagine all excess energy releasing from your body and passing out through the crystal into the earth where it can become balanced.  Moving the crystal in circles may help you to imagine the process more clearly.

When there is the need to recharge your vitality or if you need extra healing energy, hold the quartz in your directing hand, pointing it towards the area concerned.  Hold your receiving hand out from your body with the palm facing upwards.  As you breathe deeply and evenly, imagine healing energies from the universe passing from your upturned hand through the crystal and into your body.

Source: Crystal Healing by Simon Lilly.

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