Golden Sphere of Protection from Negative Energy

This exercise helps protect you from opening up to unwanted, negative energy from others while allowing all positive flows to continue.

(1) Stand up and hold your arms out from your body.
(2)  Envision yourself surrounded by a golden bubble of light about arm’s length from your body.  Sense and feel this sphere of golden light as vividly as you can.
(3) Envision 7 flows of this living light enfolding you in a protective sheath.
(4) When you have this sheath of golden light established, envision an orange-red flame surrounding the golden sphere.  The golden bubble will look like a fireball of living light.
(5) Say the following: Encircle me now in a golden bubble of protective light.  I ask that seven flows of this light surround me, keeping me in perfect protection.  And I ask that the orange-red flame around the circumference of this protection, dissolves any negative energies that might try to penetrate this bubble.

Put on your protective orange-red flame golden bubble every time you leave your house and reinforce it as needed throughout the day.  This is especially important if you are in environments that have a number of people such as business meetings, a movie or concert.

After approximately two weeks of consistent effort, you will have established your golden bubble.  You don’t need to stand to do the exercise.  You can simply close your eyes to reinforce the light as the need arises.

Source: Change Your Aura Change Your Life by Barbara Y. Martin with Dimitri Moraitis.

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