Forgiveness and Release Process

If you have a lingering feeling of resentment toward people and events in your life, try this exercise to release those negative emotions and move on emotionally.

Write down the names of everyone in your life whom you feel has ever mistreated you, harmed you, done you an injustice, or toward whom you feel or have felt resentment, hurt or anger.

Next to each person’s name, write down what they did to you, or why you resent them.

Then close your eyes and relax.  Visualize or imagine each person is presently with you.  Hold a little conversation with each person and express the anger and hurt that you have felt.  Tell them exactly what they have done to upset you, and what you want from them.

When you have completely expressed your thoughts and feelings, explain to them that now you are going to do your best to forgive them for everything, and to dissolve and release all constricted energy between you.

Give them a blessing and say, “I forgive you and release you.  Go your own way and be happy.”

When you have finished this process, write across the paper, “I now forgive you and release you all.”

Source: The Creative Visualization Workbook by Shakti Gawain.

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