Forgiveness is simply a way of freeing your spirit and becoming an unlimited being.  Peacefulness and increased energy result from developing the ability to forgive.  Forgiveness is different from saying “I lose,” or “I was wrong, and you were right.”  It also is different from letting someone off the hook for a perceived wrong.  Rather, forgiveness is letting go of the emotional attachment you have toward a person’s actions that impacted you.

Try this forgiveness exercise as a first step in understanding the process of making forgiveness a natural part of your day.  Start by taking a forgiveness inventory.  This process can take between 30 to 60 minutes to complete the first time.  Write the name of every being, living or deceased, who has irritated you.  Some people include pets and their own name on the list.

When your list is complete, go to a solitary area with no interruptions, go down the list one name at a time.  Hold the image of each person in your mind and tell them,

“I forgive you and release you.

I hold no forgiveness back.

My forgiveness for you is total.

I am free and you are free.”

Stick with this process until you complete the entire list.  Then every evening, do a mental review of the day.  Is there anyone you need to forgive?  Recall their image and repeat “I forgive you and release you.  I hold no forgiveness back.  My forgiveness for you is total.  I am free and you are free.”

This will eliminate any resentment toward others and also help transform your life in a very positive way.

Source: Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue, Ph D

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