Forehead Shapes

The shape of the forehead can indicate a person’s problem-solving style and preferred thought process.  The forehead covers the frontal lobe of the brain and can take various shapes:
Round and full forehead (forehead protrudes forward) indicates a desire to use imagination and originality in problem solving.  The person tends to seek creative alternatives, dislikes rigid systems and procedures that can limit options. This type of person prefers to figure out solutions to problems in their own way.
Backward angle (forehead slopes back) indicates a strong development of memory and quick mental reactions.  This type of person appreciates application of proven methods and procedures to avoid wasting time.  Generally, when this type of person has seen something done, they can remember exactly how to do it and usually do it easily.
Straight (forehead is straight up, no angle, not rounded) indicates a logical, step-by-step thinking process.  This type of person may have difficulty taking information in if it is presented too fast or out of sequence.  If pushed to think and act instantly, this type of person may become overwhelmed and shut down.  However, when they learn something, they tend to retain it practically forever.
Brow ridge (bony ridge over the eyes) indicates a person who prefers the “right” or proven answer and may feel immobilized if the rules are not followed.  This type of person also tends to prefer certainty and known systems.
No brow ridge (no bony ridge above the eyes) indicates a person who is flexible, adaptable and spontaneous.  This type of person tends to be open to new ideas and seeks whatever is needed in the moment, using what works best for “now.”  They also avoid being overly technical and resent being forced to be too exact or rigid in their approach.
Self-will pad (fleshy pad or bump between eyebrows) indicates a person  with tremendous innate self-will.   This type of person can accomplish goals by force of will and sheer determination.

Source:  Amazing Face Reading by Mac Fulfer, J.D.

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