Feng Shui Prosperity Treatments

Try these fun, quick feng shui treatments to add prosperity to your life:

Place four objects that symbolize wealth in a pottery bowl and set them on your kitchen counter.  Use this cure if money tends to burn a hole in your pocket.  Four is the number of stability so arrange the objects in a square pattern for best results.  The earth element, represented by the pottery bowl also helps you hold onto money.

On your kitchen windowsill or in your office, set three objects that signify wealth.  Three is the number of action, motivation and change.  It also suggests putting ideas into motion.  Choose three items that symbolize riches to encourage action toward increasing your wealth.  Arrange the objects in a triangular pattern for best results.

Close the bathroom door and the shower curtain.  By keeping these closed, you prevent ch’i (energy) and prosperity from slipping down the drain.  Also close commode lids.  Ch’i flows away from your home via drains, especially the commode.  Closing the commode lid keeps money from “going down the drain.”

Put an egg-shaped object in your office.  This cure helps you attract new business or new money-making opportunities, because eggs symbolize birth and fertility.  For best results, choose an egg made of jade or aventurine – stones that are associated with prosperity.

Place a black stone – such as onyx, tourmaline or obsidian in your office or work area.  Black is the color of money in China.  Stones “hold down” money and keep it from slipping away too quickly.  These black gemstones in particular, contain subtle energies that can help solidify your financial situation and provide greater security.

Source: 10-Minute Feng Shui by Sky Alexander.

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