Face Reading

Eyebrows can be an indicator of a person’s style of thinking.  Here are some tips that might help your ability to communicate with various types of thinkers.

Straight eyebrows are for idea people.  In your conversation with them, use an approach that is based on ideas and facts.

Continuous eyebrows are on powerful thinkers whose minds are always at work.  Let them tell you some of their ideas.

Thin eyebrows, especially if high, round and pencil thin are on people who might need some reassurances from you.  The person wants to be above reproach and may be somewhat self-conscious.  This person would appreciate a sincere compliment and should not be rushed in making any decisions.

Tangled eyebrows are on people who tend to test your position by taking the devil’s advocate stance.  It is important to clearly explain your side of an issue using plenty of facts.  Don’t let them rattle you – they just like to shake things up to make sure your position is valid.

Curved eyebrows are on people-oriented individuals.  They appreciate anecdotes and personal endorsements.

Angled eyebrows are for people who appreciate your acknowledgment of their opinions.  They like to feel as if they are in control.

Managerial eyebrows (wider at the far ends, narrow at the bridge of the nose) are for people who like details and technicalities.  They thrive on involvement in details.

Winged eyebrows (wider at the bridge of the nose, narrow at the far end) are on people who tend to be visionaries.  Cut out excessive details in your conversations with these individuals.  Show them the big picture and an enthusiastic vision of the possibilities of a situation.

Source: Amazing Face Reading by Mac Fulfer, J.D.

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