Essential Oils for Balancing

The body absorbs oils the fastest through inhalation (breathing) and secondly through application to the feet or ears.  Layering oils can increase the rate of absorption by applying one oil, rubbing it into the skin then applying another oil; however, some oils need to be diluted.

If you are using the layering technique, you can apply a pure vegetable oil as the top oil.  Use one to three drops of oil and no more than six drops at a time.  Stir and rub in a clockwise direction.

When you are feeling out of balance, try the following exercise:

  • Place one drop each of hyssop, spruce, lavender, spikenard and geranium in the palm of one hand.
  • Rub the palms of both hands together in a clockwise direction.
  • Place one hand over the thymus (middle of the chest area also known as the heart chakra area.)
  • Place the other hand over the navel.
  • Take three deep breaths and switch hands, then take three more deep breaths.

Source:  Aromatherapy A-Z by Connie and Alan Higley and Pat Leatham.

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