Need some extra cash?  Try this quick exercise:

If you could use some extra cash, try this quick exercise:

  • Assemble five short green candles and ten quarters.
  • Rinse the coins in warm salt water.
  • Place five saucers in a circle and put one coin in the center of each saucer.
  • With a little melted wax, securely fix a lighted candle on top of each coin.
  • Arrange the five remaining coins inside the circle so that they form a five-pointed star with the apex facing away from you.
  • Say aloud: “I need (amount of money) immediately.”
  • Imagine green and purple five-pointed starlight glowing from the candle flames.
  • Imagine coins cascading from the flames for several minutes.
  • Let the candles burn out naturally.  Provided your need is genuine, a windfall should be on its way.
  • When it arrives, say, “Thank you.”

Or, you could just say a Romany saying to induce money luck: “Trinka Five.”

Source: The Good Spell Book by Gillian Kemp.

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