Energy Centers and Health

This system is based on Caroline Myss’s system and comes from The Everything Spells & Charms Book by Trish MacGregor.

Chakra 1 is at the base of the spine and influences the immune system, rectum, feet, legs, and bones.

Chakra 2 is below the naval and influences sexual organs, large intestines, appendix, hips, bladder.

Chakra 3 is located in the solar plexus and influences abdomen and stomach, upper intestines, liver, kidneys, gallbladder, pancreas, middle vertebrae, adrenal glands.

Chakra 4 is between the nipples, in the chest area and influences the heart and lungs, shoulders and arms, circulatory system, diaphragm, ribs, breasts, thymus gland.

Chakra 5 is in the throat and influences the throat, neck, thyroid, parathyroid, trachea, esophagus, mouth, teeth, gums, hypothalamus.

Chakra 6 is in the middle of the forehead and influences the eyes, ears, nose, brain, nervous system, pineal and pituitary glands.

Chakra 7 is in the crown of the head, and influences the skin and muscular system as well as the skeletal system.

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