Energy Blocks

Energy arises from a source, takes movement through a plus/negative polarity relationship, finds expression in some form and then returns to its original source.  In our personal experience, energy creates three basic qualities of form – thoughts, emotions and our physical body.

Problems in the flow of energy from the source (involution) and back to the source (evolution) seem to occur at the point of completion where energies can become stuck or bound up in the forms they are creating.  This results in the form becoming rigid and subsequently trapping energy into the maintenance of the form.

Thoughts can become rigid beliefs, opinions, and judgments held for any number of years.  Emotions can become rigid in the form of indulgence, suppression and physical tension.  The physical body can hold onto energy in a rigid manner through ongoing patterns of stress, tension, toxicity and overall rigidity.   This rigidity is compounded by our tendency to hold onto things we identify with; whether they be ideas, feelings or objects.

We create a sense of ourselves, our ego and our self-image by this process of identification and attachment.  Eventually we start to believe that we are our thoughts, we are our feelings and we are our physical body – we begin to claim ownership for the forms which we created.  This locks in an incredible amount of energy into the maintenance of this ego structure.

We end up defending that which we identify with and are attached to in any way we can, so we end up seeing the world through it instead of perceiving our thoughts, feelings and physical body as an ongoing process or flow of energy to and from a source outside ourselves.  This is a learned, conditioning process in which we accept certain aspects of ourselves and of the world and reject others according to The Polarity Process by Franklyn Sills.

There are a number of techniques you can try to help reduce this energy blockage.   A few of these techniques include meditation and journaling, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Tapas Acupressure Technique  (TAT), Acupressure, and Acupuncture.

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