Energize a Talisman

Making a talisman is much like charging a battery, except instead of using electricity, you concentrate your thoughts and emotions into a crystal.  You can use any crystal and use different crystals for different purposes.  Follow these easy steps to create your special talisman:

Relax, gather your thoughts and work up your enthusiasm.

Close your eyes and place your crystal on your chest over your heart or hold it to your forehead while visualizing the energy of your aspiration soaking into and among the atoms of the crystal; permeating its structure.

You can recharge your talisman repeatedly and at any time simply by focusing your desire into the crystal.

You don’t even need to touch it – simply thinking of the crystal will work.

The same is true of using your talisman – handling your talisman is the most direct way to draw on its strength but simply knowing that it exists is enough.

Have as many talismans as you like but use them one at a time and keep the others in a special small box or pouch.

Crystals that work best for you will become your personal treasures that you will want to keep forever and revisit time and again.

In the evening before going to bed think about the day that just passed.  Consider it’s high and low points and how you fared throughout the flow of events.

Let your talisman remind you of your goal.  Even if it seems farther than ever, take comfort that your efforts have prepared you to meet tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges more successfully.

Source: Crystal Energy for Your Home by Ken and Joules Taylor.

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