Dishonesty and Handwriting Traits

A dishonest person has a disposition to defraud, deceive, betray, forge, lie, embezzle, steal or be faithless.  If you notice several of the following traits in a person’s handwriting, you might want to use caution in any joint efforts with this individual.

A dishonest person tends to have handwriting that has erratic changes or rigidity in slant, pressure, sizing and spatial relationships.  Also look for these signs:

  • The writing is indistinct or illegible
  • Too slow
  • Neat and artificial
  • Too complex or too simplified in letter shapes
  • Sinuous baseline, highly erratic baseline, or rigid baseline
  • Uneven pressure, muddy pressure, very light pressure
  • Threaded strokes or letters within words with clear initial and ending letters
  • Combination of extreme angularity with extreme arcades
  • Many or extreme arcades
  • Flattened arcades that look like garlands
  • Over-garlanded
  • Cramped letters or cramped connections
  • Wide spaces between words and lines
  • Counterstrokes (reversals from the normal direction)
  • Upward or downward cover strokes (retracing)
  • Weak or absent T-bars
  • Misplaced periods
  • Awkward or often omitted small letters or pieces of letters omitted
  • Uneven letter sizing with some threading
  • Slurred or ink-filed letters
  • Many letters corrected or retouched
  • Ovals excessively looped, stabbed, upside down or backwards
  • Extreme difference between signature and script
  • Broken or fragmented letters
  • Prolonged left-tending final strokes
  • Initial strokes which start strangely
  • Reclined writing
  • Dominating upper or lower zone (or both) to the detriment of the middle
  • Long, full lower zones that are often angular.

Source: Hand Writing Analysis by Karen Amend & Mary S. Ruiz.

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