Deflecting Negativity from Colleagues with Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a protective crystal with a brownish hue.  The stone is said to lose its dark color and become almost clear as you work through the negativity and problems in your life.  Its unique vibration helps you cope with difficult times as it blocks any unwanted vibrations, making it a potent stone to use at work when you need to deflect any backbiting or unpleasant gossiping.

To deflect any negativity, hold your smoky quartz crystal for a few minutes, feeling its reassuring aura.  Ask it to form a protective barrier around you so that your energy field is not depleted by any malicious talk or action.

Place the crystal on your desk and turn its protective point toward the people with the most negative attitudes.

Always cleanse your crystal regularly so that it works at its highest level.  The two easiest and quickest methods are to rinse the crystal in running water or to breathe on the crystal while holding the intention of clearing all negativity.

If smoky quartz isn’t your crystal of choice, here are a few others to consider:  fire agate grounds and protects as well as forms a shield around the body.

Amber protects, absorbs any negative forces and cleanses the environment.

Labradorite deflects unwanted negativity and gets rid of fear and insecurities.

Source: Crystal Energy by Mary Lambert.

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