Crystals and Your Career

We spend a large part of our lives working in one way or another so giving some thoughtful attention to your career can create positive benefits in greater self-esteem and a more fulfilling life.  To do this you can either make the most of what you are currently doing, or you can initiate some changes in your working life.

Start by considering the resources you already have – your skills, talents, qualifications and training.  Do your personal resources match your current environment as well as the path you would like to follow?  If not, determine what actions you need to take to bring your resources in line with a position more suitable to you.

We often think of a career ladder, but a better concept is to think of your career as a web with interconnected strands of events.  There are times when a side-wise move enriches your life more than a step upward.

Also consider your current responsibilities.  It is important to find ways to balance your domestic responsibilities with a satisfying job.  Perhaps working from home would be a good solution. If so, the crystal Kunzite traditionally promotes self-discipline and responsibility; qualities that are helpful in home-based businesses.  Keep the Kunzite in your workspace to receive maximum benefit of the crystal’s presence.

Here are some additional crystals that are helpful in the work environment – wherever it might be.  Bloodstone is a dark-green crystal speckled with red and has a long tradition of demolishing barriers and opening doors.

Ametrine promotes flashes of inspiration.  Both are ideal to wear or hold when taking stock of your current situation and making decisions about your career.  Carry a small, smooth crystal with you, perhaps as a type of jewelry, or keep a palm-sized piece in your office.

It’s also useful to keep readily available a red and green serpentine “worry-egg” to knead in your hands and release tension as you go about your daily activities.
Source: Crystal Energy For Your Home by Ken and Joules Taylor.

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