Creating Your Own Amulet

An amulet can be any crystal that has the protective properties you desire.  Hold the amulet in your hands for a few moments and visualize it bringing those qualities of protection to you.  Either wear it around our neck or keep it with you wherever you go.

Here are some suggestions for appropriate crystals:

  • Aquamarine counteracts the lure of spirits of darkness and procures wise spirits.
  • Moonstone protects against the perils of travel and brings good fortune.
  • Carnelian protects from powers of the devil.
  • Bloodstone is said to preserve bodily health of the wearer and guard against deception.
  • Chrysolite set in gold is said to dispel the terrors of the night and drives away evil spirits.
  • Jade brings prosperity.
  • Amethyst keeps one safe.
  • Amber has talismanic and protective powers.
  • Diamond is a stone of good fortune, bringing victory to the wearer, courage and strength.
  • Emerald renders the powers of a magician void.
  • Jet is one of the earliest talismans, set in silver it draws off negative energy.

Source: The Illustrated Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall.

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