Color Yellow

Yellow is the color of personal power and alignment with our individual identity.  Yellow helps you to explore your personality and your special purpose in life.  Yellow is associated with the third (Solar Plexus) chakra.

Yellow stones are tiger eye, topaz, citrine, yellow sapphire and amber.

Food associated with yellow includes pineapples, bananas, corn, eggs, lemons and grapefruit.  Yellow is associated with the traits of combustion and transformation.  Its scents are lemon and rosemary.  Yellow is also associated with the musical note E, and Archangel Michael.

If you have a positive relationship with yellow, most likely:

  • you are intellectually stimulated
  • have good concentration abilities
  • good analytical skills
  • an interest in maintaining peace
  • a strong sense of personal power
  • an awareness of your purpose in life
  • are able to influence others
  • you may feel vital and be active
  • have a healthy social identity
  • high aspirations.

If you are lacking in the color yellow:

  • you might experience identity confusion
  • poor concentration
  • feel low or down in spirit
  • have no sense of personal direction
  • feel unmotivated
  • experience feelings of fear, anxiety of worry over non-threatening things
  • be resentful of other people’s successes
  • feel timid and shy
  • be self-critical.

To re-balance yellow in your life you might want to try:

  • taking a bath with lemon in it (de-seed the lemons and squeeze the juice into the water.)  Slice another lemon and let the slices float in your bath.
  • You can also add a cup of Epsom salt to increase lemon’s cleansing and healing power.
  • Or you might want to try using UV protection and spending a bit more time in the sunlight.
  • Try drinking hot water with a squeeze of fresh lemon in it.
  • Add more yellow accessories in your environment.

If you have an excess of yellow:

  • you might experience being overly critical of others
  • have a stubborn streak
  • difficulty tapping into your intuition
  • be insensitive to other people
  • be somewhat of a braggart
  • feel invincible in impractical and unsafe ways
  • be obsessed with fire
  • be somewhat antagonistic.

To re-balance your relationship with yellow, you might want to try:

  • adding more purple in your life (purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel)
  • attempt something you know you are not proficient in doing and observe how your ego reacts
  • teach someone to do something that you are proficient in and let them perform all the necessary actions while observing how your mind wants to correct them and “do it yourself” (practice patience)
  • remind yourself regularly that you and everyone else has strengths and weaknesses.

Source:  The Rainbow Guide to Color Energy by Cynthia C. Whitehouse.

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