Color Red

We are often influenced by the colors in our lives.  Red is the color associated with the first (root) chakra.

Red stones include bloodstone, jasper, ruby, garnet, and lodestone.

Red is associated with nuts, meats and most proteins.  Red’s life energy is the earth, action and gravitational pull; while its scents are patchouli and ginger.  Red is associated with the musical note C, and the Archangel Sandalphon.

If your relationship with red is good most likely you will:

  • be able to meet your survival needs easily
  • have a healthy love life
  • be secure and confident in who you are
  • hold your convictions
  • have a strong, healthy constitution and be able to feel a powerful connection to the earth.

If you are lacking in red, most likely:

  • you fear for your survival
  • are tired or chronically fatigued
  • sexually ambivalent
  • have some measure of physical insecurity
  • lack money or things that are important to living comfortably and safely
  • may feel disconnected or “spacey.”

To re-balance your association with red:

  • try reviewing your budget to better understand where your money goes
  • pay closer attention to textures such as a smooth counter top or the pile of a rug while noticing your response to feeling these textures
  • include red in your life and environment.

If you have an excess of red in your first chakra you might experience:

  • being a risk taker
  • a workaholic
  • sexually obsessed
  • a hoarder of things
  • be difficult to be around
  • tendency to be physically confrontational
  • extremely competitive
  • an overachiever.

To balance your relationship with red you might try:

  • add green into your environment (green is opposite red on the color wheel)
  • spend time in nature
  • visualize letting your feet greet the ground and allowing the ground to absorb the excess red energy.

Source: The Rainbow Guide to Color Energy by Cynthia C. Whitehouse.

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