Color Orange

Orange’s vibration is associated with creativity and sensual pleasure.  Orange is also associated with the second (sacral) chakra.

Stones associated with orange are carnelian, coral and golden calcite; while fragrances are sandalwood, gardenia and citrus.  The musical note D, and Archangel Gabriel are also associated with the color orange.

If your relationship with the color orange is good, most likely you will:

  • be emotionally balanced
  • have strong relationships
  • be creative
  • appreciate food as a pleasurable and sustaining life force
  • have a healthy sex life
  • be fluid in your bodily movements
  • be able to act on ideas and finish your creations
  • be enthusiastic about life while still being grounded to the earth.

If you are lacking in orange, most likely you will:

  • feel discord or confusion
  • have trouble with creativity
  • repeatedly begin projects but not finish them
  • lack enthusiasm to move forward in situations
  • have little desire for healthy food
  • have low sexual desire
  • have lack of or an obsession with organization
  • experience unstable emotions with intense highs and very dispirited lows.

Here are some balancing exercises to try:

  • Light sandalwood incense
  • drink a lot of water with a slice of orange in it
  • include orange in your environment and clothing.

If you have an excess of orange:

  • most likely you obsess about food
  • have a compulsion for neatness or inability to control chaos in your life
  • become annoyed with things or people
  • are sensitive to sound
  • have stiffness of joints and muscles
  • are overly enthusiastic
  • are sexually obsessed
  • have intense emotional highs and very dispirited lows
  • have a need for constant approval.

Here are some balancing exercises you can try:

  • Include blue in your environment (blue is opposite orange in the color wheel and will balance the orange)
  • if possible, go to the beach and walk in the surf while imagining orange moving from your sacral chakra down your legs to your feet and into the water.

Source:  The Rainbow Guide to Color Energy by Cynthia C. Whitehouse.

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