Color Green

Green is associated with the energy of healing and mind-body balance.  Green is a good color to explore whatever might be dividing or separating different aspects of your life, your personality and your beliefs.  Green is also associated with the fourth (heart) chakra.

Green stones include jade, emerald, kunzite, green tourmaline, moldavite and malachite.

Green foods are leafy vegetables, avocado, broccoli, olives, green peppers, peas and kiwi while green tea is a favorable drink.

Green’s life energy is equilibrium, its scents are rose oil and marjoram.  Green’s musical note is F and the Archangel associated with green is Raphael.

When your relationship with green is good you will:

  • be generous
  • have empathy for others
  • have a healthy mind/body connection
  • have the ability and inclination to forgive
  • are diplomatic
  • have a desire for a healthy, natural and well-balanced diet
  • have compassion
  • be willing to share easily
  • are passionate about growing into a better person
  • are open to new friendships
  • and are willing to explore difficult emotions.

If you are lacking in green, most likely you will:

  • have a somewhat callous attitude toward the needs of others
  • a blocked understanding (unable to see to the core of an issue)
  • a lack of sympathy for the weakness of the young and the very old
  • a tendency to stay wounded (an inability to forgive)
  • exhibit prejudice (not accepting of differences in others)
  • a measure of insincerity
  • surface relationships
  • closed to new relationships
  • dis-ease of the body and/or mind
  • fear of emotions
  • and fear of dark forces.

To rebalance your relationship with green, you might want to try:

  • starting an herb garden
  • open the windows and air-out your home
  • burn sage or use sage to smudge (using the ashes to bless) your home
  • keep a diary of how the qualities of green are manifesting in your life
  • include more green in your accessories and environment.

If you are receiving green in your life but it is stopped at your fourth chakra, you might experience:

  • a tendency to over-give without receiving
  • feel emotionally drained
  • have emotions that you cannot express
  • strongly experience emotions
  • have an inclination to absorb other people’s pain
  • are unable to see the “why” of situations or relationships
  • find yourself in one-sided relationships
  • tend toward greed (an unreasonable attachment to material things)
  • feel jealousy.

To rebalance your relationship with green, you might want to try:

  • develop your relationship with the color red which is opposite green on the color wheel
  • use red in stones and candles
  • use red to decorate your home, car, work place
  • make an effort to seek out and spend time with people who “give back,”
  • draw pictures of your emotions when they become overwhelming
  • keep an emotional portfolio and review it in calmer moments
  • spend time outdoors interacting with earth energies – breathe often and “accept” earth’s gift of air into your body
  • donate some of your extra possessions to a shelter.

Source: The Rainbow Guide to Color Energy by Cynthia C. Whitehouse.

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