Clearing out Extraneous Energy: Cast of Characters

In this exercise you will step back a bit from your life to get perspective on your life and the main people affecting your energy.

  • Start by clearing your mind, chakras and body of all pain and discomfort.   Feel as loving and loved as possible.
  • Consider one of the most important people in your life.  Feel his or her presence near you and notice how your body responds and how you feel.
  • Use your high sensory perception and intuition to receive any additional information about what gifts this person brings to you – what have you learned and gained from your connection to him or her?
  • Ask what further gifts/messages you will receive from this person.
  • If you find that the gifts and messages are highly unpleasant and without much value to your life then sever the energy cords between you with the tool of your choice (you can use an imaginary sword of truth, torch of creator’s fire or a laser of love).
  • If the connection to this person feels good and healthy, thank him or her for being in your life and offer him or her whatever form of energetic support or offering feels most appropriate.
  • Repeat steps for each important person in your life.

Source.  Aura Advantage by Cynthia Sue Larson.

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