Clearing Clutter

If clutter seems to take on a life of its own, try these Feng Shui cures.

Cure the clutter with a roving wind chime.  Hang a nice-sounding metal wind chime with a red ribbon over the pile of greatest distress.  Visualize that the sound from the chime creates a positive whirlwind blowing through your clutter and cleaning it up for good.  You may be surprised later in the day or the next day, you have newfound energy to go after this pile once and for all.  After this location is clear, move the wind chime to the next pile that needs attention and repeat your visualization.  If clutter starts to build up again, you may need to keep a permanent chime in that location.

Start the change with just one piece to cure the clutter.  This cure is good for a cluttered space that is quite overwhelming.  Just dispose of a single item from the pile.  Each time you pass this clutter, see if you can clear one additional item.  Reinforce each action with visualization by seeing in your mind’s eye that the energy of the space in need has now completely changed with pieces starting to move on their own to their appropriate file, box, or trash can.

Handle clutter by putting it on wheels.  If the clutter has been in the same place for too long, it may have grown roots.  This cure is for the clutter you really don’t want to deal with, now or later.  First try the cures listed previously.  If they fail to remove the clutter, put the pile on a cart or dolly and move it to another part of the house.  Move the cart to a new space each day for nine consecutive days; each time visualizing that it is getting easier and easier to take care of.  By the end of the ninth day, either it will be quite easy to sort through or you could be willing to chuck the whole mess!

Source: Feng Shui Tips for a Better Life by David Daniel Kennedy.

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