Characteristics of Five Elements of Feng Shui

Each of the five elements of feng shui has different qualities or characteristics.  Here’s a brief summary:
Wood: tall, cylindrical, rising shapes, vertical rectangle, green, wood, spring/morning, East, masts, towers, columns, flagpoles, creation, growth, creativity
Fire: triangle and pointed shapes, sharp edges, red, violet, magenta, purple, leather, man-made material, summer/noon, South, steep roofs, pyramids, columnar structures, expansion, intellect, inspiration
Earth: flat and even shapes,  horizontal rectangle, brown, beige, yellow, orange, ocher, brick/tile, clay, late summer/late afternoon, center/middle, flat roofs, bungalows, terra-cotta containers/vases, stability, safety, security
Metal: round and ball-shaped forms, white, gray, silver, metal, fall/evening, West, rounded arcades, arches, dome-shaped roofs, concentration, thinking, precision, clarity
Water: irregular and wavy shapes, blue, black, glass, winter/night, North, irregularly shaped structures or buildings with a lot of glass, communication, flexibility, conviviality.
Favorable combinations are: wood/fire/earth, metal/water/wood, fire/earth/metal.

Source: Feng Shui Symbols by Christine M Bradler & Joachim Alfred P. Scheiner.

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