Centering and Grounding

Being centered means being physically, emotionally and mentally balanced.  You are aware of your own boundaries and in control of your energies.  You experience a state of calm receptivity in which you can more easily be aware of your intuitive thoughts and subtle feelings.

Centering can be achieved by any technique that focuses your attention within your body.  Here’s a brief exercise you can use to center yourself.

  • Sit quietly and spend a minute simply being aware of each breath as it comes and goes.
  • Imagine you are breathing in from your feet and breathing out through your feet into the earth.
  • Become aware of your mid line – an imaginary line extending from above the top of your head to below your feet, situated just in front of your spine.  Pull your breath into this mid line from above and breathe out through the line into the ground.
  • Repeat until you are calm and focused.
  • Strike a bell, gong or tuning fork and simply listen for as long as the sound remains.
  • Focus your attention on the center of gravity located within your pelvic girdle behind and below your navel.
  • Slowly and consciously bring your fingertips together and hold them for a minute or two, breathing deeply while focusing on your pelvic center of gravity.

With practice, you will be able to spend increased amounts of time in a state of centeredness as you go about your daily activities.  You will also be able to easily focus your attention within your body when you find yourself pulled off-center.

Source: Crystal Healing by Simon Lilly.

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