Bubble of Protection

The most well-known strategy of psychic protection is that of creating a protective bubble or egg around yourself.  For a bubble to work properly it needs some practice and repetition.  A few minutes of practice every day for a couple of weeks should get you fully into the feel of creating and maintaining your bubble.  Once you are confident, you can create it in any situation.  Your bubble will most likely be effective for about 20 minutes then you need to give it some additional focus.  Just monitor how you are feeling and strengthen your protection whenever you feel it weakening because the outside atmosphere is getting through to you.  Inside your bubble you can have any attitude you like.  Other people will not notice your bubble unless they are trying to intimidate you.

Here’s how you can create your bubble:

  • Get comfortable and relaxed.
  • Earth yourself (focus on the earth below you and imagine energy running down our spine through you into the ground – down to the center of the earth and then looping back up to the spine.)
  • Guide your breath into a comfortable and relaxed rhythm.
  • Imagine and sense that you are surrounded by a transparent protective bubble or egg which protects you from negative vibrations.
  • This bubble can be close to your skin or extend 4 feet or more.
  • Spend a while sensing the bubble all around you.
  • Imagine it over your head, under your feet, completely protecting your back, completely surrounding you.
  • Sense that your own vibrations can exit through the membrane of the bubble.
  • Sense that the bubble does not prevent good energies from coming in.
  • Be very relaxed and comfortable in it.
  • Have a clear sense that unpleasant external energies cannot penetrate the bubble.
  • As you get more comfortable with creating your bubble, experiment with adding various colors to the bubble and feel how the different colors impact the bubble.

Source: Psychic Protection by William Bloom.

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