Better Night’s Sleep

If you’ve had a quarrel with an associate at work, a run-in with a relative who has a bad temper, or just can’t seem to close your eyes even when you are exhausted, try some of these simple treatments to cleanse the energies in your bedroom.

  • Water:  before you retire for the night, fill a glass with water and place it at the head of your bed.  This glass is not for drinking – it is there to catch all the energy you don’t want around you.  In the morning, take the glass in the hand opposite the one you use to write with and empty the water in the toilet.  Rinse the glass three times, pouring the water used to rinse it into the toilet as well.  You can also add a bit of camphor (about the size of a wooden match-head) to the water each evening if you choose – more doesn’t necessarily work better.
  • Sea salt: put a pinch of sea salt in your bath or between the bed sheets.
  • Mothballs – three mothballs should be placed in each corner of the bedroom.  If you feel a need for cleansing the energy throughout your home, you can place three mothballs in all corners of your home, including the closets.
  • Fumigate your bedroom with incense before retiring.  This is especially helpful if you are having difficulty with neighbors, relatives or friends who might feel a bit vengeful toward you.  The best incense for this purpose is a blend of frankincense and benzoin.  Take four teaspoons of powdered benzoin and mix with six teaspoons of frankincense.  Add about a quarter teaspoon of the mixture to a hot charcoal used for burning incense (this can be found at the same location you purchased your incense) in a fire-proof container.

Source: Spiritual Cleansing by Draja Mickaharic.

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