Attracting Abundance

Our mind helps direct our outer experience.  From time to time, it’s fun to try something out of the ordinary to infuse a freshness to our outlook.  Here’s an exercise you can use to help foster positive feelings of abundance in your life.

Items you will need:

  • A golden bowl
  • A cinnamon, patchouli or orange joss-stick (incense)
  • Some ears of wheat (if you do not have ears of wheat you can substitute almonds, pine nuts, acorns or rice) in an earthenware dish
  • A golden candle
  • A large golden scarf to sit on
  • Your favorite crystal.

When you have your items:

  • Place your scarf on the floor and arrange the bowl in the west, the candle in the south, the joss-stick in the east and the wheat/nuts in the north.  (If you live in the southern hemisphere change the north/south placements.)
  • Light the candle and joss-stick, settle your emotions and feel peaceful.
  • Face your candle while sitting comfortably and holding your crystal in the palm of your hand.
  • Imagine good news about your job, paying your bills or other financial issues flowing from the direction of your joss-stick into your crystal.
  • Imagine energy and opportunity flowing from your candle to your crystal
  • Support from helpful people flowing from your bowl to your crystal.
  • Possessions and cash flowing from your wheat/nuts to your crystal.
  • Then feel all the richness flow into you from the crystal.

Do this visualization for as long as you are comfortable – even a few minutes will be sufficient.  You can repeat this exercise as often as you like.

Source: Your Crystal Code by Teresa Moorey.

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