Anchoring is a term used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to describe a technique for changing behavior by creating an association between two separate elements.  We often do this without noticing the specific association we’re creating.

For instance, certain smells can remind us of previous events.  What does the smell of pumpkin pie baking in the oven remind you of? Or physical touch – what does someone putting their arm around your shoulders remind you of?  And of course, there’s that favorite song you hear that transports you right back to a certain time in your life!  When you reach for that chocolate bar, what feelings come with it?  And when you look up at the night sky, stand at the top of a mountain vista or walk ankle-deep in the surf, where do your thoughts go?  These are all examples of anchoring.

You can learn to harness the natural ability of your mind to create associations.  It takes about fifteen minutes to learn anchoring by getting in touch with a feeling you would like to recreate, choosing a word that enhances that feeling and when the feeling is intensified making a unique gesture to connect the feeling with the gesture (for instance, you could press your middle finger and thumb together.) This takes a little practice and patience on your part but is a helpful way to make small changes that will take you into a new direction permanently.

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Dr. Terri Parrott has a bachelor’s degree in speech communication, a master’s degree in business administration and a doctorate degree in business administration with an international management concentration. She has been active in the financial industry for over twenty years; having worked as a banker for two of the largest United States based banks and a financial advisor with one of the largest investment firms in the United States. Terri has also been a sales manager for a large United States based rental car company, as well as adjunct professor in the business department of Florida based universities. She is the author of three blogs: • focusing on quick-read concepts of ancient wisdom with a modern twist • focusing on personal energy and meditation techniques as well as holistic approaches to everyday life • focusing on a light-hearted look at growing old. She has authored Quick Tips for Your Small Business, a quick reference book offering hands-on information for small business owners. Dr. Parrott has also published the following e-books available through the Amazon Kindle site: • Embrace Chaos to Create Change focusing on non-traditional ways to bring about lasting change in your thoughts and behavior. • Voice on the Phone: A Quick-Read Guide to Successfully Building Customer Relationships Using the Telephone. A practical guide for anyone relying on the telephone as a sales tool. • Quick, Easy Ways to Compute Everyday Business Formulas: A Handy Reference for Small Business Owners.