According to Michael Reed Gach, PhD and Beth Ann Henning, Dipl. A.B.T. in their book Acupressure for Emotional Healing, acupressure has a long history dating back to more than five thousand years.  The Chinese discovered that when they applied pressure with their fingers and hands to certain points on the body, they could relieve pain.  Eventually hundreds of acupressure points have been identified for the purpose of alleviating physical symptoms; benefiting the healthy functioning of internal organs and balancing the emotions.  Think of acupressure as acupuncture – but instead of the needles, gentle but firm pressure is exerted by the hands.

Here’s an example of using acupressure for dealing with jealousy and resentment in everyday life as given by Gach and Henning.  They suggest you close your eyes, breathe deeply and touch the tip of the thumb to the middle finger tip and hold this position for two minutes.  Or if you prefer, you could grasp the thumb with the opposite hand, breathe deeply and hold for two minutes.  And finally, you might want to hold your middle finger with the opposite hand, breathe deeply and hold for two minutes.

Gach and Henning also offer some tips for reviving your energy level.   Bend your elbow and on the outside of the arm, at the V shape were the bones meet at the bend; apply firm pressure into the joint and hold for about two minutes.

Or place your middle finger on the top of your opposite arm and the thumb on the inside of the arm about two to three finger-widths from the wrist crease.  Allow your hand to rest comfortably on your lap.  Close your eyes and hold the position for two minutes, then repeat on the other arm for two minutes.

In his book Acupressure Potent Points A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailments, Michael Reed Gach suggests trying this acupressure point when you are wanting relief from a headache, sinus pain, hay fever or head congestion (not recommended for pregnant women).  Press together the webbing of your hand between the thumb and index finger.  At the highest spot of the muscle when you bring the thumb and index finger close together – put your pressure toward the V notch formed by the thumb and the index finger.  Hold for two minutes.
Here are a few quick acupressure points you can use to re-center your emotions throughout the day.

  • Press the center of the palm with the opposite hand’s fingertip or thumb.  Switch and press the other hand.  This is a strong emotional balancing point for harmonizing the mind and spirit.
  • Place your fingertips on the back of your ears, then glide them up to the top of your head in the center (the apex of the top of the ears is the indentation on the top of the skull) then use the middle finger of your other hand to press into the upper lip just under the nose.  Straighten your spine and take long, slow deep breaths for one minute.
  • Place both hands on the upper outer chest region (just inside the shoulder joint on the front of the chest).  Make the sound of ahhh when you exhale your breath.
  • Briskly rub both legs four finger-widths below the kneecap and one finger-width outside both shin bones with your knuckles.  Do this for two minutes. (This also helps increase your energy level).

Your energy level can also be increased by walking vigorously while swinging your arms and breathing deeply.

Source: Acupressure for Emotional Healing by Michael Reed Gach, PhD and Beth Ann Henning, Dipl. A.B.T.

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