Achieving your Basic Psychic Level

This is an exercise that should be repeated at least once a week for a month so that you will develop the ability to easily reach your basic psychic level any time you choose.

  • Relax in a quiet place.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Visualize a spiral staircase with ten steps curving down to the bottom floor.
  • Visualize yourself standing at the top of the staircase.
  • Take a step down to the ninth step and mentally say “deeper psychic level.”  Then step down to the eighth step and mentally say “deeper psychic level.”
  • Continue descending the steps.
  • When you reach the bottom step, mentally say “I am now at a strong psychic level that I can use for successful psychic performance.  I can reach this level whenever I wish, with my eyes either closed or open, simply by desiring to be there and counting from three down to one.”
  • Open your eyes.
  • Repeat the exercise with your eyes open.

Every day you will encounter many opportunities to use your basic psychic level in small, practical ways to help yourself and others.  Just do the 3-2-1 countdown to reach your basic level at any time.  Source: Psychic Development for Beginners by William W. Hewitt.

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