Abundance is a feeling.  A feeling can be duplicated.  That’s good news because along with the feeling of abundance that you can duplicate, you also send out a corresponding vibration to attract more abundance.  You can generate your feelings by your words and thoughts.  This means you can also learn how to duplicate the feelings of abundance more intentionally by changing the way you use your words and thoughts.  The Law of Attraction doesn’t know if you are generating a thought by remembering, pretending, creating, visualizing or daydreaming.  It simply responds to your vibration during that moment.  You can only send out one vibration at a time.  By creating the vibration of abundance more deliberately and more often, you are thus increasing abundance in your life.  As an exercise, build a list of all the sources and resources where money and abundance come from.  While doing this exercise you might notice that the feeling of abundance is not always related to money.  Some examples to get you started:  A friend treats you to lunch, you receive some free valuable advice, you win a prize, you get a free refill for your coffee, you sell a product or service…..keep a daily log of the sources from which you are receiving abundance.  This will help you in noticing abundance in your life.  When you receive abundance, celebrate the evidence of it in your life and remember the Law of Attraction is responding to the vibration you are offering and giving you more of the same.  Source: Law of Attraction by Michael J. Losier.

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About mindpromptstoday

Dr. Terri Parrott has a bachelor’s degree in speech communication, a master’s degree in business administration and a doctorate degree in business administration with an international management concentration. She has been active in the financial industry for over twenty years; having worked as a banker for two of the largest United States based banks and a financial advisor with one of the largest investment firms in the United States. Terri has also been a sales manager for a large United States based rental car company, as well as adjunct professor in the business department of Florida based universities. She is the author of three blogs: • godandwisdom.com focusing on quick-read concepts of ancient wisdom with a modern twist • mindprompts.com focusing on personal energy and meditation techniques as well as holistic approaches to everyday life • greatwrinkles.com focusing on a light-hearted look at growing old. She has authored Quick Tips for Your Small Business, a quick reference book offering hands-on information for small business owners. Dr. Parrott has also published the following e-books available through the Amazon Kindle site: • Embrace Chaos to Create Change focusing on non-traditional ways to bring about lasting change in your thoughts and behavior. • Voice on the Phone: A Quick-Read Guide to Successfully Building Customer Relationships Using the Telephone. A practical guide for anyone relying on the telephone as a sales tool. • Quick, Easy Ways to Compute Everyday Business Formulas: A Handy Reference for Small Business Owners.