Quickly Clear Your Chakras Using Visualization

There are times when your psychic energy gets depleted and needs a quick cleansing.  Try the following exercises as quick ways to clear out negativity and rebalance the chakras.

Use a Journal to Change Negative Emotional Patterns

People have different motivations for their behavior and express varying traits, but everyone has access to the full range of human emotions.  Emotions can ebb and flow like waves of the ocean reaching the shore.  Strong emotions can be likened to an explosion of energy that propels you to take action in a specific situation.  But you can also create a defensive behavior against expressing an emotion.  Defensive behaviors can include ignoring, repressing, or stuffing the emotion by holding it in the body; creating physical or emotional pain.  Each negative emotion has a corresponding positive emotion.  For instance, the positive side of anger is laughter.  The positive side of conflict is peace.  The positive side of frustration is a sense of accomplishment.  Core emotional issues have often been operational for a long period of time and have a significant disruptive energy associated with them.  Examples of core issues include rejection, abandonment, anger and control.

To identify a core issue, start by observing your pattern of reaction (or conditioned behavior) in a situation.  For instance, a situation may generate conditioned behaviors that include yelling, storming out of a room, shutting down emotionally to a person or situation, or leaving the situation altogether.   When these behaviors surface, take note of the feelings associated with the behavior.

You can release buried emotions by using the writing process.  A helpful first step is to express and release emotions concerning early interactions with parents or authority figures.  Start by getting a large notebook and write about the person who created the greatest difficulty in your life.  Write down everything you would have wanted to say but felt you could not.  Note the feelings that rise as you write in the journal.  If the writing becomes blocked, or you run out of something to write about, just ask “and,” to start a new wave of thought.  Expect the first entries to be of a negative emotional nature, but the writing will shift to an understanding of the point of view the other person had in the situation.  This will be followed by a new-found compassion for the person.  Then you will develop an understanding of lessons you learned from the situation.  Continue writing about the positive emotions that come forth as long as you like.  Most likely, you will find your relationship with this person will also change.

Source: Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils by Carolyn L. Mein, D.C.


Use a white light to clear the chakras:

  1. In the mind’s eye, see a large beam of bright, crystal-white light coming into the top of the head. Move the light down through the crown chakra, clearing out all darkness and dimness in the chakra.
  2. Slowly move the light down through the third eye in the forehead between the two physical eyes, down to the ear chakras at each side of the head, clearing out all darkness and dimness in the chakras.
  3. Move the bright, crystal-white light down through the throat chakra, down to the heart chakra, to the solar plexus chakra behind the naval, clearing out all darkness and dimness in the chakras.
  4. Continue moving the bright, crystal-white light down through the sacral chakra a few inches below the naval, then down through the root chakra at the base of the spine.
  5. In the mind’s eye, see all the chakras become illuminated, perfectly balanced in size, and gleaming brightly.

Create Gleaming Glass Globes

Visualize eight brilliant glass globes stacked from top to bottom with the following colors:

  • Royal Purple
  • Red-Violet
  • Deep Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Sunshine Yellow
  • Vivid Orange
  • Ruby Red

See the glass globes become larger, brighter, transparently illuminated with glowing light.  Make the colors as vibrant as possible, with no spots or shadows on the glass.  Let the perfectly balanced globes spin freely in a beautiful multi-colored column of light that fills the entire body.

Use Psychic Vacuum to Remove Negative Energy

In the mind’s eye see a giant vacuum tube coming from beautiful white clouds above the head.  Set the vacuum speed on low, medium, high or extra-high and bring the tube down through the crown chakra.  Direct the vacuum to suction darkness out of the physical and light body.

Follow the cleansing by surrounding the body with a bright, crystal-white light that comes down through the crown chakra and fills the entire body, bringing its healing energy that glows within and around the entire body.

Source: Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue, Ph. D.

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