Listen to the Soles of Your Shoes

Shoes can become old friends that we tend to ignore because they perform so their function so well.  They make it possible to walk hundreds of miles in comfort.  But shoes have a story to tell about our life if we take a few moments to examine them.  Shoes become worn out in areas that we put most of our weight; for instance, the outside, inside, toe tip or heel of the shoe’s sole.  If the tip of the toe is worn, it could be an indication that the person is always in a hurry, that he is somewhat impatient and always hungry.  Worn down heels can indicate the person consumes large amounts of liquids, has lower back aches or possibly a problem with the kidneys.  This person may also feel sluggish and become easily fatigued as well as feel somewhat hesitant about the future.  If the inside of the sole (the big toe side of the foot) is worn, there may be a problem with the intestines, sex organs or neck and shoulder pain.  The liver and spleen may be overtaxed.  This person may be knock-kneed and may feel somewhat timid, frustrated and experience confusion when confronted with important decisions.  If the outside of the sole is worn (the little toe side of the foot), there may be problems with the gallbladder or liver.  The person may be bow-legged, overweight and experience shoulder pain.  He may like spicy, sensual foods but be an indiscriminate eater.  This person may experience anger, fear and hostility but have a practical nature.  He may have difficulty making decisions.  When the big toe area of the shoe is more worn than the rest of the sole, this person is most likely driven, goal-oriented and a workaholic.  This person may experience anger easily but is trying to control it.

Generally, shoes are also an indicator of economic status, as people tend to buy shoes they feel they can afford.  Clean shoes indicate the person cares about details, while moderately well cared for shoes indicate a person is somewhat relaxed about his image.  Ill-kept shoes tend to indicate a person has a high degree of chaos in his life.  If the shoes smell from a strong, pungent odor, the person may be eating too many animal foods and dairy products.  The person may be overweight and have high blood pressure.  If the shoes smell sweet, the person may be consuming too many sweets and possibly have hypoglycemia or diabetes.  If the shoes smell salty, the kidneys may be overworked; while a pungent smell may indicate an imbalance in the large intestine.  If the shoes appear to bulge or stretch on the sides, most likely the person stands for many hours and the foot has widened and flattened out.


Reading the Body by Ohashi with Tom Monte.

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