Create a Psychic Goal Bowl

Successful people turn desires into specific goals and then use the power of their minds to achieve those goals.  Often, unsuccessful people merely turn their desires into wishes. You can increase the probability of reaching a specific goal by learning to communicate effectively with the higher mind, exactly what the mind is expected to achieve.  It is believed that you create your fate by whatever you do and do not do with your mind.  If the mind is programmed with junk, you will have a junky life. If you just allow others to influence your mind, then you will become a puppet dancing to the tune of other people.  To choose success, direction to your life and happiness, try the Psychic Goal Bowl exercise.

(1)Take a blank sheet of 8.5 by 11 inch paper.

(2) At the top of the sheet write “From the Infinite Source” and just below that statement write “With Harm to No One.”  Below that statement write your name and the date you created the goal bowl.

(3)Then draw the largest circle possible on the rest of the paper.

(4) Divide the circle into 8 pie-shaped sections. (Draw a line down the center, turn the paper 90 degrees and draw another line down the center, you will now have four sections.  Draw a line down the middle of each of the sections and you will have 8 pie-shaped sections.)

(5) If you are able to find a picture illustrating your goal, put it in one section.  If not, write a description of your goal, being as accurate and detailed as possible.

(6) Re-read the goal and fix it in your mind.

(7) Close your eyes and visualize your goal.

(8) Say your goal out loud and listen to your voice.

Open your eyes and fill in the next section, repeating steps 5 through 8 for each of the sections until the circle is complete or you have filled in as many goals as you want, then re-read the entire bowl out loud, starting with the title, date, harm to no one, infinite source and each goal.  Pause briefly at each goal before proceeding to the next one.  After you have reviewed the entire goal bowl, close your eyes and say “The goals in my goal bowl are what I want, and I direct my higher mind to make these goals become reality.”  Put the goal bowl in a safe place.

Review your goal bowl at least once each day for 30 days (you can review the goal bowl as often as you wish, but be sure in the first 30 days to review it at least once a day.)  After the first 30 days, be sure to review your goal bowl at least once a month for 12 months.  After the first year, be sure to review your goal bowl at least twice a year.  The more often you review your goal bowl, the more powerfully you will reinforce the programming of your higher mind.

When you have achieved a goal, write “Thank You” and any comments you would like to add, as well as the date the goal was accomplished.  If you change your mind about a goal, just write “Cancel” across the section of the goal bowl, the date and why you are cancelling the goal.  If you want to change a goal slightly, just write the adjustment on the goal and impress it in your mind as you did the original goal.

Source: Psychic Development for Beginners by William W. Hewitt

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