Control Your Emotions Using a Neutral Energetic State

We learn to control our bladders, bowels, and muscles at an early age; but often we go through life without a sense of mastery over our emotions.  Excessive expression of emotions can create havoc in our lives.  For instance, a healthy measure of fear may keep us free from harm; but if we give too much energy to fear, we can become paralyzed and unable to react appropriately to a situation.  The following exercise may help develop your ability to maintain a neutral emotional state.

This exercise can be practiced in either a sitting or standing position.  It is helpful to record the instructions so you will be able to focus on the activity.  Select a time and place where you will not be disturbed.

  1. Relax and get comfortable.
  2. Become aware of your breathing.
  3. Imagine there is a little “you” at the top of your head.
  4. Move your consciousness to the little “you.”
  5. Slowly descend the little “you” into your head, see the image floating down through clouds, you might even see lightning and thunder as it moves through your head.
  6. Imagine a ray of sunlight coming through the clouds as you continue to move the little “you” down through the body.
  7. As the little “you” reaches the throat and neck area, imagine floating through blue sky, then slowly gliding lower through the shoulder and chest area.
  8. At the level of the stomach, the little “you” lands on the ground, feeling a sense of softness and warmth. The fresh green aromatic scent of herbs relaxes you.
  9. Continue the little “you” down below the level of your naval, where you find a beautiful, quiet lake with a little boat at a dock. The little “you” gets in the boat, sits down and sails off onto the still waters.
  10. Look down into the clear water and see water lilies floating with their beautiful petals open against the surface of the water. Keep your attention focused on the beautiful water lilies.
  11. Rest inside your internal world and observe your breath.
  12. Feel the breath coming through the top of your head, inhale air from the higher levels of consciousness; air that is free from the energy of other people. Imagine a pillar of light on top of your head and your breath is coming down through this pillar. Coming down from the high levels of the atmosphere.
  13. Absorb the breath and light coming from the pillar and exhale the light inside your body. Allow the little “you” sitting in the boat on the peaceful lake of your inner world to take this beautiful light and fresh breath as a precious gift.

Practice this exercise on a regular basis so that you will be able to easily reach the neutral state whenever you choose.  The neutral state allows you to protect yourself, rejuvenate yourself and also deflect any psychological pressure you may feel from others.

Source: Energy Secrets by Alla Svirinskaya

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