Mastering Money

Money tends to be man’s best friend.  It becomes an excuse for all sorts of things and allows you to have reasons why you can or cannot do things.  Consider the thought that we want money but need attention.  Money is merely ink on paper, or patterns on metal.  However, money allows you to buy the facsimile of things that create attention.  For instance, buying the best house in the best neighborhood is more about buying the feeling you have as the car enters the driveway, rather than the physical house itself.  Money follows attention according to Jerry Stocking in Dr. Houston Vetter’s Sacred Cows Dancing.  When someone employs you, Stocking indicates they are really buying your attention – you sell yourself, your time, efforts and attention for the metaphor of money. Further, that if you become a master of attention, you will never need nor sell out for money again.

Following is a money magnet meditation adapted from Silva Manifesting:

Close your eyes and get comfortable

Take a deep breath and exhale while relaxing the body

Take another deep breath and exhale, continue to relax the body.

Take a third deep breath and exhale, relax your mind while imagining a passive, tranquil scene.

Focus your attention on your breathing… slowly, rhythmically.

When you are completely relaxed in body and mind, imagine a special box that absorbs all your worries, problems, anxieties, pain, suffering, doubts and fear.

Open the lid of the box and put all your troublesome thoughts into the box.

Add any feelings of pain and suffering.

Close the lid and throw the box through an imaginary window towards the sun.

Imagine the sun’s rays transporting all those worrisome thoughts and feelings away.

Clear your mind.

Allow ten smiling faces to appear, one after another.  These faces can be of people you know or faces your imagination creates.

Imagine each face smiling while the person brings you positive energy and opportunities.

Let the final face go and clear your mind.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful autumn forest.

The temperature is slightly cool, the leaves on the tree are full of fall colors.

Feel warm sun shining upon your face and body.

From time to time the sunlight is interrupted by leaves falling from the trees.

A gentle breeze blows the leaves toward you.

Among the leaves falling from the tree, are bills of unknown denomination.

Reach out and hold the bills in your hands.

As you take the bills, your arms become fully covered with gold then your entire body gleams with gold.

As you look around, you see more and more bills flying toward you and sticking to your body and clothes.

The gold that is covering your body has transformed you into a money magnet.

As you continue walking through the forest, more and more bills are attracted to you and stick to you.

It feels good to be covered with all those bills.

Say positive affirmations:(here are a few examples to get you started)

This money is mine

Wealth is a part of my life

I am aware of and use opportunities that bring me money

I use money to improve myself and others as well

My thoughts of wealth create my real material wealth

Money is coming to me more often and regularly

I am a money magnet

My soul is full of peace and rest because I know I receive plenty from the richness of the universe.

Take a few moments to imagine all the wonderful benefits you receive as a money magnet.

When you are ready, open your eyes, feeling fine, in perfect health, feeling better than before.

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Dr. Terri Parrott has a bachelor’s degree in speech communication, a master’s degree in business administration and a doctorate degree in business administration with an international management concentration. She has been active in the financial industry for over twenty years; having worked as a banker for two of the largest United States based banks and a financial advisor with one of the largest investment firms in the United States. Terri has also been a sales manager for a large United States based rental car company, as well as adjunct professor in the business department of Florida based universities. She is the author of three blogs: • focusing on quick-read concepts of ancient wisdom with a modern twist • focusing on personal energy and meditation techniques as well as holistic approaches to everyday life • focusing on a light-hearted look at growing old. She has authored Quick Tips for Your Small Business, a quick reference book offering hands-on information for small business owners. Dr. Parrott has also published the following e-books available through the Amazon Kindle site: • Embrace Chaos to Create Change focusing on non-traditional ways to bring about lasting change in your thoughts and behavior. • Voice on the Phone: A Quick-Read Guide to Successfully Building Customer Relationships Using the Telephone. A practical guide for anyone relying on the telephone as a sales tool. • Quick, Easy Ways to Compute Everyday Business Formulas: A Handy Reference for Small Business Owners.