Creating Clear and Specific Goals

It is easy to let the chatter of everyday life interfere with our chosen path.  The following quick exercises may help you to keep your goals in focus and maintain a forward momentum toward achieving your desired outcome.

If you have a difficult time meditating because it is difficult for you to prevent thoughts from rising, try this suggestion from Emanuela Pannone, an intuitive writer.

Find a place where you can be alone, relax easily and not be interrupted.

Write down a question, a person’s name, or a topic you wish to know more about.

Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.

Say “re” on the inhale and “lax” on the exhale, with the exhale being longer than the inhale.

This could take a few minutes, but take whatever time you need to completely relax the body.

Using the index finger, lightly touch what you have written using a side-to-side motion.  This movement helps strengthen the connection between your physical body and your intuitive mind.  It also helps to distract your mind so it will not lose its focus on the nature of your inquiry.

Keep your eyes closed and stay completely relaxed.  You will start to experience seeing words or discover that letters appear in your mind, or you may receive thoughts or words that do not appear to be your own.

Open your eyes and begin writing.  The more relaxed you are, the more information will flow to you.

When setting goals according to, focus on one at a time.  It is often tempting to multi-task, but that behavior can be counter-productive toward reaching one’s goal.  A fuzzy target does not get hit with any degree of accuracy.  A more effective method is to think of using attention to “switch task” by making everything in the background blurry, but the task at hand crystal clear.

For instance if the objective is to clear out the inbox, focus on the items in the inbox and de-focus the background chatter, or the temptation to visit with a co-worker until the objective is reached.  If you consistently use the de-focus technique to “switch task” whenever you approach a task, it will become a ritual that repeated over time, develops into a habit.

Habits determine who you become and shape your environment.  By choosing clear objectives, then carrying them out with specific behaviors targeted toward reaching the objective, it is possible to create a different reality.

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