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Each of the five elements of feng shui has different qualities or characteristics.  Here’s a brief summary: Wood: tall, cylindrical, rising shapes, vertical rectangle, green, wood, spring/morning, East, masts, towers, columns, flagpoles, creation, growth, creativity Fire: triangle and pointed shapes, sharp edges, red, violet, magenta, purple, leather, man-made material, summer/noon, South, steep roofs, pyramids, columnar […]

When you’ve identified a pattern of behavior or a situation you want to change in your life, make one small gesture that expresses your intent to change.  Then do the following: On the first night of the Full Moon, jot down your desire on a sheet of paper in an ink of a color that […]

The seven major chakras have been linked to seven-year time periods that start with one’s birth.  The cycles repeat at age 50 but at a higher frequency of energy.  Here’s a quick summary of how this works: 0-7 and 50-56    First/Base Chakra Life-force energy, connection to the earth and material world; stability, initiating new beginnings. 8-14 […]

Being centered means being physically, emotionally and mentally balanced.  You are aware of your own boundaries and in control of your energies.  You experience a state of calm receptivity in which you can more easily be aware of your intuitive thoughts and subtle feelings. Centering can be achieved by any technique that focuses your attention […]

This exercise will place you on the threshold of success.  It may also be used to increase your personal power before an important meeting. Light a blue candle in front of a mirror. Sit in front of the mirror and stare into the image of your eyes. Ask for a circle of gold light to […]

This is a nice blend of oils to use for increasing your cash flow.  Choose a base oil from any of the following: Almond Apricot kernel Grapeseed Hazelnut Jojoba Olive Palm Safflower Sesame Sunflower To make your cash flow oil combine the following: 1/8 cup base oil 3 drops vetivert 2 drops patchouli 1 drop […]

Bulges in the joints of the fingers can indicate areas where the flow of energy is blocked and does not penetrate from one phalange to the next.  These bulges may occur on any finger.  If the bulge is between the first and second phalanges, the bulge indicates knots of philosophy were ideas get blocked.  A […]