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Forgiveness is simply a way of freeing your spirit and becoming an unlimited being.  Peacefulness and increased energy result from developing the ability to forgive.  Forgiveness is different from saying “I lose,” or “I was wrong, and you were right.”  It also is different from letting someone off the hook for a perceived wrong.  Rather, […]

The shape of the forehead can indicate a person’s problem-solving style and preferred thought process.  The forehead covers the frontal lobe of the brain and can take various shapes: Round and full forehead (forehead protrudes forward) indicates a desire to use imagination and originality in problem solving.  The person tends to seek creative alternatives, dislikes […]

Lapis lazuli is considered a spiritual crystal that opens your intuition and psychic abilities.  People call it the “eye of wisdom” or the “stone of the gods” as it activates the Third eye chakra –  the place of inner learning.  The power of lapis lazuli is referenced in jewelry over 3,000 years ago in ancient […]

This exercise can be easily practiced at home or at work to maintain your health and relieve stress. Sit forward on the front edge of a straight-backed chair. Briskly rub your lower back using a light touch by placing the backs of your hands against your lower back along both sides of the spine and […]

Receive help mentally by visualizing five helpers in your mind’s eye.  This Feng Shui suggestion is purely on the mental level yet can be effective if you practice it regularly. To achieve a goal or receive help with a problem you face, see in your mind’s eye the faces of five people who assist you […]

The five elements of feng shui are translated as “the phases of transformation” and incorporate everything that exists in nature: shapes, colors, matter, seasons of the year, times of the day, direction of the compass, and all-natural events, and structures created by man.  Together, the five elements represent a unit – the tai chi. Each element has its own […]

Your wealth and prosperity area is located at the rear left section of the structure you are working with (for instance, your home or office.)  When we take our time shaping our wealth through a slow and steady process, we build a solid financial foundation based on patience, trust and self-control.  Enhance your wealth area when […]