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Whether you plan to blend your own cologne, perfume, sweet water or potpourri, these general guidelines should help you create the ultimate fragrance. Amber adds warmth and sweetness Bergamot adds a sunny, citrus scent Carnation gives a clove-like fragrance Frangipani is sweet and spicy Frankincense adds a mellow, woody note to a blend Heliotrope and violet […]

Colors can alter your attitude and affect your mood.  Challenge yourself to wear colors you would not normally wear, just to see the effect they can have.  It isn’t necessary to dress entirely in the color of choice; small splashes of color in a scarf, tie or belt worn on the body will suffice.  Here’s […]

Yellow is the color of personal power and alignment with our individual identity.  Yellow helps you to explore your personality and your special purpose in life.  Yellow is associated with the third (Solar Plexus) chakra. Yellow stones are tiger eye, topaz, citrine, yellow sapphire and amber. Food associated with yellow includes pineapples, bananas, corn, eggs, lemons […]

We are often influenced by the colors in our lives.  Red is the color associated with the first (root) chakra. Red stones include bloodstone, jasper, ruby, garnet, and lodestone. Red is associated with nuts, meats and most proteins.  Red’s life energy is the earth, action and gravitational pull; while its scents are patchouli and ginger.  […]

Orange’s vibration is associated with creativity and sensual pleasure.  Orange is also associated with the second (sacral) chakra. Stones associated with orange are carnelian, coral and golden calcite; while fragrances are sandalwood, gardenia and citrus.  The musical note D, and Archangel Gabriel are also associated with the color orange. If your relationship with the color […]

Green is associated with the energy of healing and mind-body balance.  Green is a good color to explore whatever might be dividing or separating different aspects of your life, your personality and your beliefs.  Green is also associated with the fourth (heart) chakra. Green stones include jade, emerald, kunzite, green tourmaline, moldavite and malachite. Green […]

This chart comes from The Complete Book of Color Healing by Lilian Verner-Bonds and illustrates the relationship of colors with parts of the body as well as musical notes.  This reference is helpful for those who enjoy using sound and color for self-healing. Color                            Musical Note      Body Relationship Red                                  C                 genitals, blood, legs, muscles Orange       […]