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In feng shui (the art of furniture placement and good energy flow) the five Chinese elements of water, earth, fire, wood and metal work together to produce harmony in a space.  By choosing crystals from each of the element groups and displaying them together, you create a symbol of perfect balance and happiness. Place a […]

You can locate acupressure points by using nearby anatomical landmarks, especially bony or muscular indicators.  Acupressure points located underneath muscles, ligaments or tendons feel like cords, bands or knots of tension.  Points located near a bone are found in the indentations of the bone or in the hollow created between bones. There are 365 traditional […]

The chakras are like batteries located in certain parts of your body.  The electromagnetic energy is stronger in these areas and you can feel them with your hands. The seven major chakras are aligned along the spinal column: The Root chakra is situated at the base of the spine. The Sacral chakra is situated halfway […]

The five Element Theory of feng shui suggests that everything in the universe is formed by a combination of five basic components – water, fire, wood, earth, and metal.  The uniqueness of everything depends upon the proportions of these five elements – and that includes us. Depending upon the year in which you were born, […]

According to Feng Shui convention, when you open the front door or main entrance to your home you will be facing in one of eight compass directions.  This “sets” the house direction and each compass point has a different meaning. South:  A yang home, the house of the celebrity and famous person. Southeast: The home […]

It is easy to let the fear of poverty paralyze our decisions.  The symbolism behind this meditation will help you to relax and have faith in life’s bounty. Find a quiet place where you can unwind and won’t be disturbed.  Doing this meditation in sunshine would be beneficial and you can also have music in […]

All gemstones have one thing in common: they originate from hot magma inside the earth.  After thousands of years of cooling, the earth’s gradual movement and displacement; stones, rocks and even high mountains are formed. Rocks and minerals are formed from dust, sand, chemical substances and acids that have dissolved in water.  Gemstones are believed to have […]