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Eyebrows can be an indicator of a person’s style of thinking.  Here are some tips that might help your ability to communicate with various types of thinkers. Straight eyebrows are for idea people.  In your conversation with them, use an approach that is based on ideas and facts. Continuous eyebrows are on powerful thinkers whose […]

While it is considered normal for teenagers to write in a round style, adults who do so can tend to exhibit traits of immaturity, naivety and dependency in their personalities. Round style writers are flexible and yielding.  They tend to prefer compromise to argument.  When issues concern their home and family, they are possessive and […]

This fragrance will leave your linens smelling fresh and clean. 2 Tablespoons essential oil of lavender 3 cups coarse salt 12 cups lavender buds 1 cup coriander, crushed 6 nutmegs, crushed 1/2 cup allspice berries, crushed Add the oil to the salt. Layer lavender, spices and salt mixture in a stone crock or glass jar. […]

Essential oils can have an impact on our physical and emotional well-being.  Here’s a brief summary of some essential oils to try when you are feeling… Anger (to soothe) – Chamomile, ylang ylang Anger (unexpressed) – Rosemary Anxiety – Bergamot, citrus oils, melissa Apathy – Patchouli Depression – Clary sage, bergamot, jasmine Insomnia – Marjoram, […]

The body absorbs oils the fastest through inhalation (breathing) and secondly through application to the feet or ears.  Layering oils can increase the rate of absorption by applying one oil, rubbing it into the skin then applying another oil; however, some oils need to be diluted. If you are using the layering technique, you can […]

To create your personal astrological blend, choose oils from the signs that dominate your chart.  Then mix a few drops of each oil into a base of jojoba oil and enjoy. Aries   (Fire element)   black pepper, basil, ginger, coriander, mugwort Taurus   (Earth element)   ylang ylang, rose, honeysuckle, thyme, mints Gemini   (Air element)    caraway, carrot, fennel, […]

Facial oils soothe and nourish the delicate skin of the face.  They also help seal the skin by helping it retain moisture and provide a measure of protection from surface contaminants.  To apply facial oils, gently massage the face with the palms of the hands. A nice blend to use for aging skin: 1 teaspoon […]